Jing Brand Co., Ltd. was founded in 1953, and located at Daye, Hubei Province, China. After more than 60 years of steady development,Jing Brand has become a healthy food-specialized company. As China's top leader in health-care liqueur & spirits industry, Jing Brand has developed its renowned flagship product "JING Liqueur" and many lines of other products. Jing Brand owned a 56-acre “Health Liqueur & Spirits Industrial Park”, a 149-acre“Liquor Base Ecological Parks”, and a 176-acre “Health Food Industrial Park”. The production capacity of health liqueur & spirits has reached 180 million liters per year. In 2015, Jing Brand has achieved over $1.30 billion sales revenue. Over 800 million bottles of 125mL-sized “JING Liqueur”were sold every year.

Jing Brand began its international business in 2000. After fifteen years of development, “JING Liqueur” has been exported to Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, Africa etc,and gained high speed growth every year. Our products have been well enjoyed by consumers all over the world.


Herb Planting

Authentic Herbs Planting And Selection

Since 1992, Jing Brand started to build direct herbal supply planting bases. Jing Brand has 14 herbs planting bases, a total of 1400-acre standardized planting bases. A principle of “herbs planted without right place, harvested without right time will not be accepted”were insisted to ensure a green, safe and authentic raw materials.

Herb Extraction

Jing Brand has established a research platform for TCM extraction,including hot extraction, separation, concentration, purification etc.Jing Brand developed digital extraction technology to extract functional components from herbs.Near-infrared online detection techniques and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) were applied for quality control.


Jing Brand spent five years to change the thousand–year traditional but high-labored brewing process to the modern process which integrated mechanical,automatic,informatic,and intellectual techniques, with a total cost of 16 millons US Dollars. The new techniques provided a much higher quality than the traditional process.

Research & Developmen

Jing Brand R & D Center takes possession of complete Analytical Laboratory and international level instruments and equipments.In September 2008, Jing Brand Analytical Center gained CNAS certification by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment.